Everything is better with a friend: Buddy Walks for downtown dogs.

Tired of staying home alone? Try our new downtown service.

Want your dog to play while you’re away?

Safe and fun daily off leash dog walking adventures!

Going away? Your dog will be treated like one of our family.

We offer boarding and sitting with one of our experienced staff.

Release the Hounds is committed to creating a safe, fun environment for dogs while setting a high industry standard.


Our Guarantee

We are 100% committed to making sure that your dog is safe and has fun while in our care. We guarantee that if you're not 'Dogtastically Happy' with our service on any particular day, we'll move mountains to make it right, or we'll provide a full refund.

Happy, Happy Customer

Charlie, my thirteen pounds of energy dog, has been walked by Release The Hounds for the past five years. Their service has been fantastic, their staff is professional and I know my little guy is in good hands.

– Kirk Hill

We are moving back to Ontario and will miss the service of Release the Hounds very much. Each walker was kind and attentive to the dogs and communicative with us.

– Heather Frost

Under the expert supervision of Release the Hounds Kola enjoys wonderful long group walks three times per week. Kola benefits from the off-leash social interaction with dogs of many breeds.

– Anna-Lisa Major

Reo has an amazing time on his walks. He comes home happy and his recall is now excellent!

– Dayna Kanigan

I have been very impressed with the services provided by RTH for my little dog Star. Any date that I require Star to be walked, I know that RTH will be there and I do not need to double check or worry that it will be done.

– Justin Werb

Artemis joined Release the Hounds at the tender age of ten weeks and over the ensuing two years has made countless friends and gone on so many forest adventures.

– Alexis Stewart

We have relied on the RTH team to help us raise and train our wonderful black lab puppy, Ruby. RTH provided personalized puppy walks until Ruby was old enough to take part in group walks.

– Susan Burgess

Release the Hounds continues to offer great experiences for my energetic young Labrador Gryphon. He clearly has lots of fun on his adventure hikes and comes home happy and tired.

– Susan Taylor

I’ve been sending my dog to Release the Hounds for about 6 months and they have been fantastic. He’s totally enjoying his mountain hikes.

– Andrew McLenan

Since first sending our doodle Brewster out for twice-weekly hikes last summer, we’ve been very happy with the service at Release the Hounds. Brewster is a super active dog, so we really appreciate the 2-hour North Shore excursions, where he has a chance to run fast and play hard.

– Travis Hottes

I have been using Release the Hounds (RTH) for 4 ½ years to walk my energetic boxer Lucy. She gets three “Mountain Hike” walks per week and is blissfully exhausted afterwards.

– Mariette White

Caesar and Gertrude love their adventure walks with Release the Hounds! After two hours of hiking and socializing, they come home calm, happy, and relaxed.

– Tove Smithers

My Whippet Deuce has been a happy and satisfied Release The Hounds dog since he was 8 months old. He is a very outgoing and well socialised dog owing mostly to the knowledgeable staff and safe environment created by RTH.

– Virginia Olnick

We have been a customer of Release the Hounds for years. Lando is the second dog that has been taken care of by these fine people. Many people ask me how can we have a dog and work 12-13 hour days.

– Milena Zdravkovic

We have been sending our 4 year old lab Hendrix on 1 and 2 hour hikes with Release the Hounds since he was 12 weeks old. I can't say enough about the care they provide for our active labrador.

– Rachel Duck

The RTH staff is warm, friendly, and considerate, and Indy waits at the gate for them. It's really something to see.

– Irving Kates

Not only did RTH agree on very short notice to take care of walking my 5 year old border collie Jiggsie while I was away, but they went out of their way to fit her into their schedule.

– Diana Wilson

Iksi is an extremely high energy dog and I can never manage to tire her out as much as her hikes with Release the Hounds do.

– Jasna Begovic

My dog was having a hard time adjusting to the doggie daycare downtown so I needed a better alternative. After a few walks with Jordana my little velcro-puppy had a new BFF. She even recognized the van that takes her for walks!

– Denise Tade

Based on our pooch's excitement level when she's getting picked up I'd guess she really enjoys her time with Stef. RTH can keep walking our puppy as long as everyone is able and willing!

– Tyler Wilson

I've used other walking companies in the past who did not provide the personalized service that James provides. RTH is professional, thorough and very accommodating to my schedule. Shadow has loved every one of his walkers and I am a happy client.

– Sakura Iwagami

I really appreciate how Release the Hounds takes the extra effort to make my dog a better dog. I would highly recommend their walking and boarding services to all dog owners and lovers.

– Jacelyn Lin

I have found Release the Hounds, James, and Danielle (Ben's walker) to be easily accessible, dependable, and very tuned to handling dogs. Highly recommended!

– Jackie Azar

We have two very large energetic dogs who leap for the door when it's time to go for their hike and come home happy and well-exercised. James and his staff are quick to respond to questions and concerns and give plenty of updates on how the dogs are doing during their hikes.

– Sasha Schertzer

Many times I have made last minute requests to Release the Hounds and they have gone out of their way to accommodate me. Release the Hounds also offers flexible boarding services, allowing clients to choose between having a staff member stay at their home with their dog or have their dog stay at a staff member's home.

– Katie Hill

Charlotte's ears always perk up when I tell her that Jordana is coming, and Charlotte is always eager to go into the van, ready to go for her day's adventure. She returns home after each hike content and ready for a nap!

– Carol Schoen

I released my hound, Benedict, to Release the Hounds a few months ago and he loves his runs in the woods - waits by the door until his walker shows up with rapt enthusiasm.

– Joan Quintin

I couldn't be happier with my experience at RTH. I am a better dog owner because of the amazing training classes and Mattie is a happy girl because she gets to go on a field trip once a week while my husband and I are at work.

– Erin Postlethwaite

I have a Jack Russell who doesn't always fit in, and James was very understanding of that and worked with us to find the right walk and the right pack for Ellie.

– Lisa Young

Photos of Our Furry Friends

We wanted to create a space where the walkers could share photos of the dogs they now call friends, so we put together a gallery of photos taken by Release the Hounds staff.


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